Net Zero Energy Solutions
for Building Owners and Corporate Businesses

NZES stabilizes and reduces your company's energy costs so you can focus on your business.  helps businesses improve their bottom line by optimizing the facility's efficiency, reducing operating costs and guaranteeing the results  We focus on lowering your operating cost through performance contracting, so you can focus on exceeding customer expectations, improving your bottom line, increasing profits and increasing shareholder value.

How are you managing your facilities in this current economy?  Like most real estate and facilities professionals, you堰robably being asked to do more with less �h less.  Budgets are tight and IT resources are tough to get, yet you understand the value of technology and how it can directly impact your bottom line. 

Deloitte believes that organizations taking this overly cautious approach should reconsider. We believe that within the next three years, companies that do not have green workplaces will be at a competitive disadvantage from higher operating costs, lower productivity, declining attraction and retention of skilled workers, and an increasingly negative brand image.

In addition, owners and investors in conventional buildings will be less able to compete in the marketplace as green buildings become tenantsಥferred choice. An April 2008 study of 1,300 buildings by the CoStar Group found that LEED-certified buildings are commanding rent premiums of $11.24 per square foot over their conventional building competitors, and they have a 3.8 percent higher occupancy rate.12 LEED-certified buildings also sell for an average of $171more per square foot than their conventional competitors.13

Finally, the tax and regulatory incentives now available in many areas to encourage green retrofits are likely to disappear as more cities institute energy-efficient green building construction and renovation regulation and as more organizations adopt green construction, renovation, and retrofit practices as a matter of course.

For all these reasons, we believe that companies pursuing value through green retrofits have good reason to act sooner rather than later.

Buildings represent almost 40 percent of US energy consumption and an equivalent percentage of CO2 emissions - more than automobiles or industry.

We have the ability to offset 85 percent of America's incremental electricity needs in 2030 through building and appliance efficiency measures that save more money than they cost to implement, as McKinsey & Co. articulated in "Reducing US Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How Much at What Cost?"

These solutions - simple things, such as retrofitting commercial buildings, weatherizing our homes, and using energy-efficient appliances - challenge every American and every American business to act. The immediate reward: We improve our bottom line. Already, more than 24,000 homes, schools, and offices are registered with the US Green Building Council's LEED rating system.

 Co can help you achieve critical objectives faster, more smoothly, and with greater value delivered for the money you invest.

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